Over the past decade, Andrew Bishop has carved out his spot as one of Vancouver’s go-to pop polymaths. He’s concocted catchy garage anthems as the guitarist of Alex Little & the Suspicious Minds, acted as the sideman in the pop-noir combo Twin River, and made country-tinged solo tunes as White Ash Falls. Along the way, he’s built up an ever-growing resume as a producer.

Now, he’s channeled all of it into the new project WAASH, which combines Andrew’s prolific songwriting talents with his love of towering shoegaze soundscapes. It’s both a culmination and an entirely new beginning.

Despite WAASH’s solo origins, the project has now blossomed into a full live band, with Andrew  joined by an arsenal of his closest long-time collaborators. The group recently made its hometown debut, and more shows are in the works. “I’ve put together a fantastic live band with lots with old friends,” Andrew says. “I think I’ve really got something here.”

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