There's Never Enough Voices

There's Never Enough Voices


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The five songs that make up WAASH’s self-titled EP, were written slowly but steadily as Andrew took plenty of time to tinker with demos and build intricate arrangements from the ground up. Rather than crank out tunes in a burst of creativity, as he’s been known to do in the past, this time around he was meticulous. 'There's Never Enough Voices' is the first offering presented from the new project.


He totally deconstructed his usual songwriting process — instead of guitar, he often started with a beat or bassline. “I would listen to the instrumental demos before writing melodies, and then I would go sit in the park and write different lyrics out,” he remembers. “It allowed me to think about the tiniest little detail, picking apart every syllable.”


Available as a high quality .wav file @1411kbps
Release Date: October 2, 2023