Matt Webb

Matt Webb has been crafting songs since he was a teenager. Long before joining Marianas Trench, Matt was writing and recording his own music, and continues to do so when Marianas Trench’s busy schedule permits. Matt has toured across Canada solo for his own EP, “Right Direction,” and has co-written songs with label-mates and friends.  

Again and Again, the newest single from Marianas Trench guitarist Matt Webb, is a joint effort between Matt, super producer/writer Kevvy, and Matt’s label-mate and pop crooner Mathew V. A synth heavy track with clever guitars and a pounding backbeat, the boys wanted to create something akin to “late-night driving music”; something to lose yourself in. It has Matt’s signature harmonies, a soaring chorus and is the perfect “cruising with the top down” summer song.

“This song is about making a bad decision, knowing the outcome will end up negative, but in the moment - it feels so damn good.” - Matt Webb

Matt Webb

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