Chase The Bear

Chase The Bear:

 Fort St. John, BC. One of the most dangerous cities in Canada, which may explain the insane act this band is named for. After growing up there, vocalist Troy Gilmore, guitarist Leo Gilmore, drummer Connor Brooks and bassist Braedan Royer outgrew the small town’s music scene and moved to BC’s capital, Victoria. Busking every day to pay rent while inadvertently honing their passion, they quickly gained local notoriety.

“You must see this band. Let’s help them establish a core base and turn this into their proper new home ... Chase The Bear were relentless from start to finish.” - Jon Williams, The Zone 91.3, Victoria

When the time came to move once again, the band recruited guitarist Jordan Phillips and keyboardist Kevin Parker and relocated to their current home in Vancouver, BC. Again their notoriety grew.

“Chase The Bear is the reason it's worth going to see the opening acts"- Vancouver Weekly (seeing CTB open for The Trews at The Commodore Ballroom)

After catching the ear of music producer Danny Craig at a “battle of the bands” competition, they began working on the band’s debut album, “Honey” and ultimately the first release for Rock Is Dead Records.

Chase The Bear
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