The Vidos

Spending the winter of 2019 living In a converted shuttle bus hard-wired into a light-post outside of a downtown Toronto rehearsal space definitely contributed to some of the material on The Vidos’ forthcoming debut, “Right in the Kisser”.

Starting at age 14, playing Rush covers at high-school dances, Brett Hornall, Kirk Musfelt, and Nolan Nielsen graduated to playing bars and nightclubs long before actually graduating.

“I saw these three skinny, awkward kids absolutely destroy every other band in a bar one night, but I didn’t introduce myself and was definitely regretting it. Then the next day I’m out with my family at a rodeo of all places, and I hear the same ripping music coming from the fair stage. This time I did introduce myself and we’ve been working together ever since” - Danny Craig

The band spent the next 3 years writing, recording, rehearsing, and touring the country to finally land in Toronto for the infamous story mentioned in the first line.

Now back in Vancouver, the band is continuing its working relationship with Craig and will be the 2nd release for the launch of Rock is Dead Records.

The Vidos
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