Andrea Clute

From TikTok standout to emerging, signed artist, Andrea Clute has experienced some big changes in just a few short years.

Now, aligned with famed Canadian music staple 604 Records, the young chanteuse can’t wait for what’s on the horizon

“I'm really excited for this chapter and working with this team has kept me on track and more motivated than ever,” she explained. “Having people that really stand by you and encourage you is incredible.”

Born and raised in Vancouver in a traditional Filipino household, Andrea was no stranger to performing at family gatherings — or cutting her chops at local Karaoke nights, belting out a little Celine Dion.

Now, the singer/songwriter is set to release her latest single, the R&B track Got You, hitting the airwaves Friday, June 3 — and her debut track since joining forces with 604.

“It was the very first song I co-wrote with their producer, and we were immediately obsessed with it,” she said with a laugh. “Essentially, it’s about taking a break in my relationship, and realizing I messed up and wanted to make things work. I wanted that person back and would do anything to make it happen.”

Keeping the message relatable has always been important to Andrea, who maintains her music is all about bringing creating connections with her fans.

“I want to just help people feel less alone,” she said. “Hopefully it reaches the right people, and we can build those relationships. I can’t wait to see where this goes.”

Andrea Clute