Who, What, Where, When, Why

Who, What, Where, When, Why

Allison Daniels

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“Who, What, Where, When, Why” by Allison Daniels marks itself as the first release for the newly signed country artist, with more music to come in 2024.

Of the track Daniels says, “During my first writing session in Vancouver with Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen, Simple Plan) and Tavish Crowe (co-writer of Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”), I wrote this song after a dream where my boyfriend cheated. Music is my solace, and even though it was just a dream, the emotions were intense. I hope this song offers comfort to people, much like the way my music helps me navigate my own emotions.”

Release Date: February 9, 2024
Available as a high quality .wav file @1411kbps