The View From The Barstool

The View From The Barstool

Hotel Mira

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“I think the notion that someone would be wholly unaffected by being a (even mildly) public figure is absurd. There is a psychic damage or at least shift to knowing that what you are going to say and do will be analyzed and consumed while having very little control in the matter. I suppose what the song is articulating is that I recognize a change in me. So I feel less insane. Acknowledging I am sensitive to being treated differently. The opening lines manage to paint a picture that is pretty alarming: a desire for self-harm, a bandaid solution by way of validation from strangers and then a declaration that I will be un-phased by either. The conditional love you immerse yourself in by letting yourself be rated and critiqued by strangers makes it hard to turn off and on, in our private moments (if they still exist). There’s an Anderson .Paak line that I think of constantly “and fuck fame that killed all my favorite entertainers”. That’s why I bring up Marilyn Monroe in the lyrics. She was a brilliant artist who was chewed up and spit out just like so many before and after her. So what I am wondering is, is that simply what we signed up for?” - Charlie Kerr 

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Release Date: July 5, 2024
Available as a high quality .wav file @1411kbps