The Josh Ramsay Show (Vinyl)
The Josh Ramsay Show (Vinyl)

The Josh Ramsay Show (Vinyl)

Josh Ramsay

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You've heard the album, found favourite tracks, and now you can own The Josh Ramsay Show on vinyl! 

Available now is the new solo debut album, "The Josh Ramsay Show" from Josh Ramsay, of Marianas Trench! This LP includes hit singles "Lady Mine" with Chad Kroeger and "Best of Me," featuring Dallas Smith.

Get ready to hear in it's best form, Josh through the ages; inspired by several genre infusions, and tracks featuring some of your faves, Tyler Shaw, Fefe Dobson, and Ria Mae to name a few!

+ Debut Solo album on 2 discs
+ Gatefold jacket
+ Semi-Transparent Clear Colored Vinyl
+ Collector’s Edition Magnets


01 Lady Mine (feat. Chad Kroeger)
02 Blame It On The Beat
03 Best Of Me (feat. Dallas Smith)
04 Army Of One
05 You & I (feat. Fionn)
06 Delirious (feat. Fefe Dobson)
07 Painted Faces
08 Spellbound
09 Try Me
10 The Ballad Of Cheeky Valentino
11 Beat the Devil (feat. Serena Ryder)
12 Like You Do
13 Perfect Mistake (feat. Ria Mae)
14 The Deep Woods
15 Reckless Heart
16 Like There’s Nobody Watching (feat. DJ Sharkpocalypse)
17 Can’t Give it Up (feat. Tyler Shaw)
18 Miles And Miles (feat. Sara Ramsay)
Release date: June 3, 2022