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INTRASET’s Venus EP is the second release in a space-themed series. With each addition to the series, the label presents an innovative entry to the electronic ambient world. Echoing the enigmatic and impenetrable sulphuric cloud systems covering the planet, the Venus EP is moody, textural, and mysterious, providing an instrumental experience with a touch of drone.

On top of being closest in mass, size, and location to the earth, Venus is also the brightest celestial body in the sky after the moon.  Drawing the naked eye of ancient astronomers, the upside-down planet was likely one of the first catalysts of the expansion of cosmic thought and examination of humanity’s place in the universe.With all six tracks, the Venus EP reflects that gravity as a perfect ambient backdrop for introspection and investigation. Teset’s Coriolis provides an auditory Venusian super-rotation, a breathy, slow-pulsing beat to draw the focus inward for mindful meditation. Letsko starts and finishes the EP with Countdown and Iris, both musical palate cleansers reminiscent of a timelapse of slowly passing clouds. This EP will be followed by an NFT release.


01 - Letsko - Countdown
02 - Teset - Coriolis
03 - Letsko - Over Now
04 - Maxina - Magnolia
05 - Teset - Vtet
06 - Letsko - Iris

Release date: June 24, 2022. 
Available as high quality .wav files @1411kpbs