Schwey 2: Cyber Soul (CD Album)

Schwey 2: Cyber Soul (CD Album)


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“Cyber Soul” embraces the familiar genre blending antics Schwey fans love. This latest offering is a true mix of dance, pop and alternative bangers. Often featured on popular Spotify playlists like Park Hangs and Outliers, “Cyber Soul” has a little something for everyone. Especially fans who also appreciate artists like The Gorillaz, Busty and the Bass, Anderson Paak, Phony Ppl, and who are looking for groove heavy music with uplifting vibes.

Track listing:
  1. Podcast
  2. Cybersail
  3. Was It You
  4. Who Says
  5. Interlude
  6. Special
  7. Something I Know's I've Got To Change
  8. Sweat
  9. Love U Always
  10. My Circuits
  11. NPC Luv