Theory Of A Deadman

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Savages is a powerful rock album that builds from one song to another. "We want to give fans a great Theory of a Deadman record," Connolly leaves off. "We owed them this album. It's completely real, unrestrained, and unbridled. We want their acceptance above all. This is for them, and we're all extremely proud of it."


01 Drown
02 Blow
03 Savages (feat. Alice Cooper)
04 Misery of Mankind
05 Salt In The Wound
06 Angel
07 Panic Room
08 The One
09 Livin’ My Life Like A Country Song (Feat. Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts)
10 World War Me
11 In Ruins
12 The Sun Has Set On Me

Release Date: July 29, 2014
Digital Download available as high quality .wav files @1411kbps