Perfectionism (Digital Download)

Perfectionism (Digital Download)

Hotel Mira

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Digital Download

"While the lyrics are clearly chosen meticulously, and the music itself is arranged with care, it tackles the messiest, most vulnerable parts of being human. In embracing the less shiny moments, Hotel Mira has encapsulated what it feels like to be alive and imperfect. I chatted with vocalist Charlie Kerr about chaos, serendipity, and the making of their latest album." -


01 Perfectionism
02 This Could Be It For Me
03 Jungle
04 Heart Arcade
05 Better On Your Own
06 Speaking Off The Record
07 The Eyes On You
08 Son-In-Law
09 Ladies and Gentlemen
10 A Song For Daisy
11 You Know Best

Release date: February 14, 2020
Digital files available as high quality .wav files @1411kbps