Less to Lose

Less to Lose

Michaela Slinger

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“This is basically a backhanded gratitude song that I wrote in LA with Topher Mohr on one of my writing trips. Those experiences are fun and exciting, but also lonely and existential. Every day I’d wake up in this unfamiliar, sprawling city on my generous friend’s pullout couch and go meet a stranger in the hopes of finding some creative synchronicity. “Pursuing your dreams” is often a fairly unglamorous pursuit in practice, and I was missing my comforts and anchors at home in Vancouver. I think being away from home so often these past few years has illuminated how fortunate I am to have such solid people and community around me. ‘Less To Lose’ is me wrestling with the knowledge that an artistic life sometimes means sacrificing those things for periods of time, and feeling like that choice lets others down.”  - Michaela Slinger

Release Date: May 12, 2023
Available as a high quality .wav file @1411kbps