I Hope I Don't Remember This My Whole Life

I Hope I Don't Remember This My Whole Life

Charlie Demers

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Acclaimed Vancouver playwright, published author, radio personality, voice actor and comedian Charlie Demers releases his second album I Hope I Don’t Remember This My Whole Life today, on 604 Records comedy arm, Comedy Here Often. Demers, who CBC Radio calls “one of the smartest comics out there” has many achievements in the entertainment world under his belt including a Juno nomination for his previous, debut album, Fatherland.

Over the past few years of pandemic, Charlie had a lot of the same soul-searching and identity crisis that so many people have experienced, and he reflects that in his new album. “I lost almost three quarters of my income from 2019 to 2020” says Demers. “I wasn’t sure when comedy would come back, or always sure if I was still going to be a comedian when it did. I’m incredibly proud of how this album turned out, and I think people are really going to enjoy it. My hope is that it builds on the last album, shows some growth & evolution, but also the fact that I will always be a comedian, and nothing will change that.”