I hate ur guts

I hate ur guts

Madisyn Gifford

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Since bursting onto the scene in 2020, rising pop artist Madisyn Gifford has captivated listeners with her astounding artistry. The Vancouver local offers up her most personal collection yet with the release of her debut LP I hate ur guts, available for streaming everywhere via 604 Records.

The 14-track album is an alluring collection that beautifully, yet cleverly, delves into Madisyn's introspect of a crumbling relationship. Right from the opening with the title track, I hate ur gutsshowcases the transcendent quality of the 21 year old's vocals and evocative songwriting. Featuring recent favourites such as the empowering "Bare Minimum", cheeky single "Nice Things", and her beautifully wistful "I Hope You're Well," the addition of 11 new tracks bare witness to the growth Madisyn has experienced as both an individual and an artist through her formative experiences.

Available as high quality .wav files @1411kpbs

Release Date: January 21, 2022