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Get Stoned


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Get Stoned is a light-hearted account of mean girls at a house party,” says Alanna, one half of FIONN.

“It can hurt to be pre-judged by others, and Brianne and I often let other people’s comments or thoughts affect us emotionally. A couple of summers ago, we were partying with a group of girls who turned on us immediately when boys and too much alcohol came into the equation. We ended up getting stoned with a guy who made us laugh the rest of the night, and helped us shake off any feelings that had brought us down. The song came from a side of us that we had yet to discover. This was the version of us that no longer cared about what other people said, and could even find humour in mean comments aimed in our direction.” – FIONN

Available as a high quality .wav file @ 2116kbps