A Normal Life

A Normal Life

Marianas Trench

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A Normal Life” is the opening track on Marianas Trench’s upcoming new album set for release summer 2024. Like past Marianas albums, the opening track is a 6+ min long overture that lays the foundation for the album’s story, theme, and sound. Full of instrumentation and layers, the album’s opener is grand, epic, and powerful, setting up the journey on which the listener is about to embark.

As a preamble to the track, Josh has been quoted saying "Every adventure story starts with life before the adventure. Either the protagonist doesn’t belong, or something is taken away. “A Normal Life” is a song about feeling like you don’t belong in your place in life, knowing you were meant for something more".

Available as a high quality .wav file @1411kbps
Release Date: April 26, 2024