MT Day 2023 'Fan Appreciation Concert Pack'

MT Day 2023 'Fan Appreciation Concert Pack'

Marianas Trench

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Product Description:

Trenchers, get yourself ready for some Marianas touring in 2024 with the new MT Fan Appreciation Concert Pack!” Limited quantity available.

Trenchers, it's only a matter of time (although we can't say exactly how much time) until there is a new Marianas Trench album for you to discover and explore! Get yourself ready for the tour with the new MT Fan Appreciation Concert Pack!

Product Details:

  • Clear Fanny PackMany concert venues are now limiting the size of bag allowed inside with you, as well as requiring your bag to be made of a clear material. (dimensions fall within all venue guidelines - W: 11", H: 4") 
  • Handheld FanA battery powered fan with an LED strip that creates bright, kaleidoscopic patterns when on! Stand out in a crowd and stay cool. Breakaway lanyard and 3 AAA replaceable batteries included.
  • Ear Plugs With Case
    The next time you find yourself at an exceptionally loud concert, remember to have these handy to lower the decibels entering your ears and avoid hearing damage. (Decibel reduction rating NRR32).
  • Notepad
    Keep track of set lists, write a poem, make a list - this notepad is affixed on a magnetic back to stick to a metal surface for safekeeping or toss in your hip bag.

  • T-shirt
    Simple. Tasteful. Timeless. The bands classic logo on a black tee that will surely live at the top of the pile. 
Some items in this bundle are still in production, and any orders for multiple items that contain this bundle will ship the week of October 12, 2023. We appreciate your patience and for being a fan!