Live At The Rave Milwaukee

Live At The Rave Milwaukee

Marianas Trench

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Marianas Trench release their first ever live album, 'Live At The Rave Milwaukee. The album features several tracks from the band’s most recent album Phantoms as well as their hits through the years as performed on the 2019 Suspending Gravity Tour.

“The Suspending Gravity Tour will always hold a place dear to my heart. We played a lot of sold out shows in the US and it was by far our biggest tour down there. We also added a fifth member on stage for that whole album cycle which helped us to cover some of the parts that we just didn’t have enough hands to get to. Plus, I had somebody standing beside me back there, so I wasn’t lonely anymore.” – drummer, Ian Casselman​

Live At The Rave Milwaukee Track listing: 

01. Poem 1 (Live)
02. Eleanora (Live)
03. Only The Lonely Survive (Live)
04. Echoes Of You (Live)
05. Stutter (Live)
06. Here’s To The Zeroes (Live)
07. POP 101 (Live)
08. Haven’t Had Enough (Live)
09. Rhythm Of Your Heart (Live)
10. Poem 2 (Live)
11. Glimmer (Live)
12. I Knew You When (Live)
13. All To Myself (Live)
14. Don’t Miss Me? (Live)
15. Death Of Me (Live)
16. Cross My Heart /Celebrity Status (Live)
17. Desperate Measures (Live)
18. Fallout (Live)
19. One Love (Live)
20. Who Do You Love (Live)
21. Poem 3 (Live)
22. The Killing Kind (Live)

Available as high quality .wav files 21411kpbs

Release Date: June 17, 2022