Little Pieces

Little Pieces

Michaela Slinger

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"My producer Ryan Stewart and I ended up chatting over months of working on my EP together about several consistent themes, including aging, parenthood, creativity, purpose, life, and death. We came at these topics from opposite ends of a threshold: me, the year before and after I got engaged, looking ahead several years to having kids and trying to build a sustainable creative career; him, a father of three, partner, and acclaimed producer who has navigated a shifting music industry for the past 20+ years.
Sonically, the song leans into its distinct retro sound and reflects our obsession with Fleetwood Mac and wariness of trying too hard to be ‘of the moment’.
Lyrically, it captures the fears and excitements I have about getting older, and acknowledges that adulthood does necessitate a certain amount of recalibrating or letting go of once-held dreams. At the same time, it's an attempt to challenge and reject the ideas that a woman's worth diminishes over time with her sexual desirability, or that my early twenties will be the best years of my life. It better not be—I want to live to at least ninety."
     - Michaela Slinger

Available as high quality .wav file @1411kbps
Release date: January 13, 2023